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- Batangas

Batangas Dive Spots

Batangas Dive Spots


The nearest diving haven from Manila, Batangas is only two and a half hours from Manila by car. It is also considered the jump-off point for new and experienced divers to other exciting dive destinations. The area offers superb first-hand introduction to the exciting world of diving.


Batangas Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Batangas Dive Resorts


- La Union

Situated a 5 hour drive north of Manila, this was one of the first beach resorts to be developed in the Philippines. The US Air force had a presence here until 1992 at Wallace Air Station.


There are many dive sites worthy of mention and as in so many parts of the Philippines, there's something for everyone. La Union is a particularly good place to learn scuba diving as there are a number of shallow dives and the waters are protected, so currents are minimal.


La Union Sites & Dive Spots | La Union Dive Resorts



- Marinduque

With Luzon to the north and Mindoro to the west, this circular island is famous world-wide for its annual Moriones festival in April. The diving here and further afield in the remoter areas of the Sibuyan Sea can be spectacular.


There are wrecks, walls and reefs to suit all tastes and opportunities for photography are excellent. A large percentage of this area is still largely unexplored and to reach the best sites.


Marinduque Sites & Dive Spots | Marinduque Dive Resorts



- Palawan

Coron Dive Spots

Coron Dive Spots

      Coron - Busuanga


The Busuanga group of islands is located on the northern part of Palawan.


Coron, is one of the most mystical islands in Palawan with a length of approximately 30 km. Found in waters surrounding the island are limestome walls which rise to heights of 22 meters offering a spectacular view above and below water.


Coron is one of the mosts famous wreck diving destinations in the world. From the 24 ships that sank during the bombardment of American Forces on Japanese warships during WW II, only 12 wrecks have been located in divable depths ranging from 25 - 40 meters.


Coron Dive Sites & Busuanga Dive Sites | Coron Busuanga Dive Resorts



      El Nido

El Nido Dive Spots

El Nido Dive Spots



South of Coron, on the northwestern coast of Palawan Island is El Nido. The area is dotted with some 2,000 islands and Palawan is regarded as the last nature frontier in the Philippines. It lies in Bascuit Bay which, in 1991, was declared a marine reserve.There are some 54,000 hectares of marine waters.


Diving can be good year round and is very varied with lots of pelagics and excellent wall and drift diving. There are towering limestone cliffs, great beaches and clear waters. The bay is home to dugong, dolphins, turtles and an amazing array of colourful reef fish.


El Nido Dive Sites & Dive Spots | El Nido Dive Resorts



      Sulu Sea - Tubbataha


Located some 98 nautical miles from Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park's isolation has helped preserve its prestine condition, making it the prime dive destination today along with Basterra Reef to the southwest of Tubbataha. There are no facilities on the island, which serves as rookery to brown boobies and terns. It is best visited by liveaboards, all of which provide airconditioned twin and four-berth cabins with private showers and unlimited no-decompression dives on trips that last up to six or seven days.


The diving terrain is varied - continuous reef platforms, sandy lagoons, spectacularly steep and perpendicular walls, some of which seem to have no bottom. Currents are unpredictable along the North Rock so the use of a cover boat is absolutely necessary. The current around the South Islet, on the other hand, is quite predictable and particularly good for drift-diving. Marine life is abundant and overwhelming in Tubbataha. It would seem that the fish around here all live to a right old age as they seem far larger than in other parts of the country. Giant sharks, giant lapu-lapu(grouper), giant tuna, giant mantas all around. Their sizes are matched by the wide spans of giant sea fans and giant sponges. It is easy to lapse into superlatives when describing the underwater scene around here.


Tubbataha Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Tubbataha Dive Resorts




Club Noah has a vision of nature and man living together in harmony. Isabelle, the first Club Noah owned resort, is designed to be a model-case for eco-tourism. With administrative authority over one mile radius of the island, Club Noah has slowly brought the reefs of Isabelle back to life. The presence of the rare Palawan grey heron, the Palawan sea eagle and the kingfisher attest to the abundance of fish in the water. An island sanctuary, Isabelle is home to a variety of exotic animals, tropical birds, flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees.


Flights which take 90-minutes using 19 seater planes are organized daily from Manila to Taytay's Sandoval Airport. Transfers from Sandoval to Isabelle consist of a short jeepney ride and a 40 minute boat ride. Club Noah packages include transfers, accommodations, meals and resort-programmed acitivities.


Taytay Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Taytay Dive Resorts



- Pandan Island Occidental Mindoro

Pandan Island Dive Spots

Pandan Island Dive Spots


Pandan Island is a small private island with its own little beach resort, a perfect Robinson place for nature lovers, bon vivants and scuba divers. Located two kilometers off the west coast of Mindoro Island, central Philippines, Pandan Island offers scuba diving at it's finest, a back to nature atmosphere, lots of privacy and the peaceful culture of a small international community.


Pandan Island Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Pandan Island Dive Resorts


- Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera Dive Spots

Puerto Galera Dive Spots


The very sound of the name conjures up images of Spanish galleons and ancient Chinese junks laden with silk and spices. More so does the sight of the island with its beautiful harbor. Countless coves and beaches outdo each other for the city-weary traveller. No wonder then that so many local and foreign visitors tend to overstay in Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera is accessible by daily ferry from Batangas City or via fast banca out-rigger or its big brother version called basnig from Anilao, Matabungkay and the Batangas coastal towns.


Puerto Galera Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Puerto Galera Dive Resorts


- Subic Bay

Subic Dive Spots

Subic Dive Spots


Situated a 2.5 hour drive north-west of Manila are the newly discovered corals and wreck sites of duty-free Subic Bay. Originally a naval base established by The Spaniards in 1885, it became the largest US naval facility in the Far East. In 1991, the bay was transformed into a freeport economic and tourism zone.


Renowned in particular for its wreck diving, the bay is steeped in naval history. As there are virtually no currents, it is a great all-year round dive area. There is a well maintained recompression chamber on the former base that is worth a visit - hopefully just from a tourist point of view. As it is a duty-free port, good deals on equipment can be found so remember your passport. There is vibrant night life here.


Subic Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Subic Dive Resorts



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Common dishes

As with most Asian countries, the staple food in the Philippines is rice. It is most often steamed and served during meals.

Leftover rice is often fried with garlic to make sinangag, which is usually served at breakfast together with a fried egg and cured meat or sausages.

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