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- Bohol

Lying in the heart of the Visayas, Bohol is home to the exotic Chocolate Hills, pristine beaches, hidden coves, friendly people and fantastic divesites. The island is ideal for all types of divers with its gentle slopes, magnificent walls, wide variety of marine creatures and limitless photographic possibilities.

Bohol Dive Spots

Bohol Dive Spots



Bohol Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Bohol Dive Resorts


- Boracay Island

A palm fringed, sugar fine white sand and crystal clear water island paradise located at the northern tip of Panay Island. Aklan can be reached via Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines flights to Kalibo. A leisurely 1 hr and a half flight from Manila to Kalibo airport then a 2 hour landrive from Kalibo to Caticlan and 15 minute boat ride from Caticlan to the island paradise. Boracay has been written about twice as the most beautiful island in the world.

Boracay Dive Spots

Boracay Dive Spots




Boracay Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Boracay Dive Resorts





Cebu Dive Spots

Cebu Dive Spots

      Mactan Island Cebu


Cebu, "the Queen City of the South", is the oldest and second largest metropolis in the country. It is famous for its fine sandy beaches, ancient forts, exciting nightlife and friendly, hospitable people. The province also boasts of fantastic divesites just a few minutes away from the Mactan International Airport. It offers luxurious accomodations, plus excellent diving facilities and services.


Mactan Island Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Mactan Island Dive Resorts



      Malapascua Island Cebu


This island and surrounding area is right on and off the northern tip of Cebu and off the west coast of Leyte. As it is a 3 hour drive from the capital and the main diving centre of Mactan, it is visited far less. This also means that the diving infrastructure is not so well developed, but is improving.


 Malapascua Island Dive Sites & Dive Spots |  Malapascua Dive Resorts



       Sumilon Island Cebu


This island is situated off the southeast tip of Cebu and was the first marine sanctuary to be established in the Philippines. Despite some earlier destruction, the island has managed to regenerate itself through better protection and is a great area to explore.


 Sumilon Island Dive Sites & Dive Spots |  Sumilon Island Dive Resorts


      Moalboal Cebu


Over the last decade, Panagsama beach, more popularly known as Moalboal, which is the small town to which it belongs, has become the favorite haunt of serious scuba divers. Just 2 and a half hours drive over paved roads from Cebu City takes you to Moalboal town proper, home to approximately 15,000 cebuanos, mostly farmers and fishermen. A brief, bumpy ride over a dusty dirt road brings you to Panagsama Beach, which one easily notices as being a spot designed primarily for the diving tourists. The ambience is laid-back and friendly.


Moalboal Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Moalboal Dive Resorts



- Dumaguete City Negros Occidental

Located on the eastern half of Negros Island just south of Luzon, Negros Oriental is a year-round scuba destination, located as it is outside of the typhoon belt. They country's top marine biology institue at the Siliman University, is found in Dumaguete, its capital, and for good reason, as it is proximate to excellent marine sites.

Dumaguete Dive Spots

Dumaguete Dive Spots



Dumaguete Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Dumaguete Dive Resorts



- Leyte

Leyte is situated in the Eastern Visayas and measures some 180km in length by 65km in width. It lies to the northeast of Cebu and the north of Bohol.


All the diving here is concentrated at the southern part of the island and can effectively be split into three main areas - around and off the coast of Limasawa Island, Pananon Island and Libagon.


All the above areas offer good diving, but southern Leyte is best known for the chances to come across whale sharks that migrate through these waters. The best time to see them is from November to the end of May.

The area is still being discovered and as a result, facilities are not as well developed as other parts of the Philippines, but they are improving all the time.


Leyte Dive Sites & Dive Spots | Leyte Dive Resorts


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